Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ski in BC, Canada - Miking of the most of Winter

Randall Anthony Communications, in partnership with The Global and Mail's advertising department, states Winter within Canada as follows;

Making the most of winter - British Columbia is beyond compare but within reach.

Looking for a place to make the most of winter? British Columbia has it all.

1. Big White Ski Resort
2. Fernie Alpine Resort
3. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
4. Kimberley Alpine Resort
5. Panorama Mountain Resort
6. Red Mountain Resort
7. Revelstoke Mountain Resort
8. SilverStar Mountain Resort
9. Sun Peaks Resort
10. Whistler Blackcomb
11. Whitewater Ski Resort

When it comes to snow sports, British Columbia has it all. It has the snow, the variety of runs to accommodate every level of expertise and every family member, the facilities and the lively apres ski culture. It is also easy to access from anywhere in North America.

Let's start with the snow. From early November, storms brewing in the North Pacific make their way across B.C. But these clouds have silver lining - they transform gentle slopes as well as steep and rugged terrain into a white-carpeted landscape perfectly suited for all levels of skiing and boarding.

In combination with sophisticated snow-making systems, these snowfalls allow BC's destination ski resorts to stay open for business from well before Christmas to May.

Much of the province's topography is dominated by big mountains, which are on par with some of the mightiest in the world. The mountain ranges run from east to west, and from top to bottom. Strategically placed among them are many ski areas and 11 top resorts offering extensive ski operations for every level of ability, preference and budget.

The glacier-clad Coast Mountains, home of Whistler Blackcomb, stretch thousands of kilometers from the Canada-US border all the way into Yukon and Alaska. The rolling of the Interior plateau - site of Red Mountain Resort, Sun Peak Resort, SilverStar Mountain Resort and Big White Ski Resort - lie to the east, where the snow gets drier. The eastern third of B.C. is dominated by the Columbia Mountains and the Rockies, where Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Fernie Alpine Resort, Whitewater Ski Resort and Kimberly Alpine Resort are located.

Building on that solid foundation of mountains and snow, B.C. resorts offer an outstanding array of experiences, varied terrain and impressive life capabilities, a range of accommodation and dining choices, plus apres-ski and recreational offerings.

Accessibility for out-of-province visitors has improved dramatically in recent years. In addition to providing access to the Coast Mountains, Vancouver serves as a hub, facilitating transit from accross Canada and around the world to regional airports throughout the province. Air Canada, for example, offers a number of flights to various destinations in B.C.,including Vancouver, Kamloops, Cranbrook and Kelowna.

Calgary serves as a gateway to the resorts in Canadian Rockies and Kootenays. And expanded airport facilities at Cranbrook, Kamloops and Kelowna have made it easier than ever to jet in, with shuttle services taking guests directly nearby mountain resorts.

Why wait? Plan your fun in the snow. Visit for more inspiration.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Are you 90 years old and over, and looking for Visitors to Canada insurance?


Our Visitors to Canada emergency medical travel insurance is designed to meet all Super Visa requirements, and coverage can be renewed for the total duration of your visa.

This means that you can get excellent protection for everyone that’s important to you and the reassurance of knowing that your coverage can stay with you for your entire time in Canada.

Even if you are older than 89 years old, we can find visitors to Canada insurance coverage for you.

Here are eligibility requirements:

1.You must be a visitor to Canada, a person with a Canadian work visa or Super Visa, an
immigrant to Canada or a Canadian resident, who is not eligible for a provincial or territorial
government health insurance plan in Canada.

2. You must be at least 15 days of age on the date of purchase.

3. You must NOT be travelling against the medical advice of a physician and/or have been
diagnosed with a terminal illness. A terminal illness means that you have a medical condition
that is cause for a physician to estimate that you have less than 6 months to live or for which

4. You must NOT have a kidney disease requiring dialysis.

5. You must NOT have Congestive Heart Failure, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency
Syndrome) or require the use of home oxygen.

6. You must NOT be experiencing new or undiagnosed symptoms and/or know of any reason
to seek medical attention.

- $500 deductible (automatic) for Age 86 or over

-  No coverage for any Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Need more information? Contact or
Call us toll free : 1-888-298-6526

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Canada does not pay for hospital or medical services for Visitors.

Do you have a friend or a family member coming to visit you in Canada?

If "YES", you may want to look for Travel Insurance for them.  "Canada does not pay for hospital or medical services for visitors"(1).
Many Canadians are unaware of real medical costs in Canada as publicly funded healthcare system covers essential care for individuals who are enroll in.
The following chart is an example of medical cost(2).
Cost Sample-Two days hospitalization for severe food poisoning
Yes, it is expensive.  If you're a visitor to Canada, total cost will be $8,769(Canada Average).  Even if you're enrolled in Provincial Health Care, you still are responsible for some costs. 
 The choice is yours.  We hope you make a good decision to protect your financial security. 
 Need more information? Contact
See for visitors plan details:

(1) Government of Canada 
(2) By courtesy of our partner RSA Travel Insurance. Based on the past industry research.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PanAm & ParapanAm Games in Toronto

Hi All. We Canadians are excited to host PanAm & ParapanAm Games this summer!

As the event approaches, we're wondering if visitors to the game purchased travel insurance.

Medical Expenses are expensive here in Canada.
For example, going to an emergency for a minor ailment costs at least C$300-C$500.  More detailed cost examples are available on our blog.

No insurance yet? Please check our website now. Spanish brochure is also available. 

Premium price starts from $1.66/day(under 25 yrs old, $10,000 sum insured).  With only a couple of dollars a day, you can protect yourself against unexpected & huge medical bills. 

Need a price quote? Any questions?  E-mail to  

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Insurance for IEC International Experience Canada (Working Holiday)

Dear Working Holiday makers,

Getting ready for your journey? When you look for insurance, don't decide on the spot. Shop around and see what the best option is. Here're some tips.
- Lower premium means less coverage. Make sure to cover what you need.
- Read policy wording before purchase(especially exclusion clause)
- Ask questions. Understand some important definition such as "pre-existing condition" and "emergency".

5 Steps to purchase policy
1) Visit our website. 
2) Check premium.
3) Check summary of benefits. E-mail us for any questions.
4) Apply on-line. (For 2-year-policy, please contact
5) You'll receive a confirmation letter, policy book and a wallet card by e-mail.


Q. What if don't have insurance?
A. You may be refused entry by immigration officer.

Q. I don't want purchase 2-year-policy. What if I purchase only one year?  
A. You may end up a visa that expires at the same time as your insurance. In this case, you cannot apply for visa extension at a later day. 

Q. I'm travelling to U.S. Will I be covered?
A. Yes, the coverage is worldwide except your home country.

Q. How long does it take to get a policy?
A. Within a business day. 

Q. What's the benefit of purchasing insurance from Canadian Insurer?
A. Easy to call for assistance in case of emergency.   

Q. I'm already in Canada. Any plan I can apply for?
A.  All Visitor Plans on our website accept applicants within Canada. Waiting period applies(period varies in each plan).  

Q. Do I get a refund if I cancel my policy after my arrival to Canada?
A. Refunds are payable only when:  
- You return to your home country prior to the expiry date permanently.
- You become insured under a Canadian provincial or territorial heath plan.
Supporting documents such as photocopy of boarding ticket will be required.

Any Questions? Contact us  Cheers!

Medical Costs in Canada - Real Stories

Welcome to Canada! Have you purchased Travel Insurance? If not yet, please re-consider. Health Care Expenses are high in Canada.

The following are the real stories of visitors who had medical emergencies in Canada.  

Case A

Stravros, a 29-year-old from Greece came to Canada to visit friends in British Columbia. A food allergy caused a visit to the emergency room and an overnight stay in the hospital.
>Medical costs: $4,300 >Travel Insurance cost:$238.50

Case B

Carla, a 63-year old from Spain was visiting her grandchildren in Ontario for a year on a Super Visa when she suddenly felt pain in her chest. After being admitted to the nearest hospital, she was diagnosed with a heart attack.
>Medical costs: $37,000  >Travel Insurance cost:2,273.95

Case C

Tow days after arriving in Nova Scotia, Hani, a 63-year-old from Indonesia was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a urinary tract infection.
>Medical costs:$1,200  >Travel Insurance cost:$373.80

By courtesy of our partner TIC, Travel Insurance Coordinators

To apply for visitor plan, please our website

If you're looking for two-year-policy, contact
Any questions? We're here to help you. Contact

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tax return for Visitors to Canada

Have you filed your tax yet? Filing due date for 2014 is due on April 30, 2015.
For those self-employed, it's due midnight on June 15, 2015.

In Canada, your income tax obligations to Canada are based on your "residency status (for tax purpose)".  It does not always match your visa status as Canada Revenue Agency(CRA) has own rules. 

In general, visitors to Canada fall into one of the following categories.

A. Immigrants -Newcomer to Canada
   - People who applied for Permanent Residence or Citizenship.
   - Protected persons(refugee)
   - People who received "approval-in-principle" from CIC to stay in Canada
B.  Non-residents of Canada
   - Normally, customarily, or routinely live in another country and are not considered a resident of Canada.
   - Do not have significant residential ties in Canada; and
     >you live outside Canada throughout the tax year; or 
     >you stay in Canada for less than 183 days in the tax year.
C.  Deemed residents
- Lived outside of Canada during the tax year.
- Stayed in Canada for 183 days or more in the tax year, do not have significant residential ties with Canada, and are not considered a resident of another country under the terms of tax treaty between Canada and that country.

An individuals's residency status (for tax purpose) is determined on a case by case basis. To check your residency status, go to CRA website:

To see if you need to file a return, follow the instruction on CRA website:

Questions? Contact CRA. Extended telephone service available until April 30.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

International Experience Canada (IEC) is now open for the year of 2015

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced that its "International Experience Canada (IEC) " programme of this year 2015 is now open. In coming weeks, CIC will reveal each country's opening date on its website. Check CIC website for update.

What is IEC?

This program gives foreign nationals aged between 18 to 35 the opportunity to travel and work in Canada. It also supports Canadian youth who travel and work abroad.
There are three categories:
     -Working Holiday

     -Young professionals
     -International Co-op Internship
Available age and categories vary in each participating country.


Below is the fee. This year, CIC introduced a new fee(open work permit holder fee) this year.
   - IEC participation fee: $150 CAD 
    - Open Work Permit Holder Fee:  $100 CAD(working holiday applicants only)
    - Employer compliance fee of $230 CAD (Young professionals and international Co-op Internship applicants only)
    - Biometric fee of $85 CAD(when applicable)

Health Insurance

Obtaining health insurance in Canada is mandatory.  Applicants must hold health insurance policy as well as other required documents upon their arrival to Canada. Immigration office may refuse their entry if their health insurance policy is insufficient.   It must cover:medical care, hospitalization and repatriation.  Also, the policy must be valid for the entire period of time of intended stay in Canada.

Our Visitors Health Insurance Plans are ideal for IEC/Working Holiday applicants. 2 years policy are also available.  

Contact us for details

Good luck!

Source: Citizenship and Immigration Canada(CIC)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

What is not covered by Government Health Insurance Plan.

As a visitor, you may not have provincial health care coverage.  Or you might have it, since some provinces allow visitors to apply for provincial health care if they meet specific conditions.  Whether covered or not, it is always good to know what it is.

It is well known that prescribed drugs and dentistry are not covered by Government Health Insurance Plan(GHIP). But there's more exclusion. The following is a summary of an article from CBC website.


1) Ambulance Fees

- Most provinces charge a user fee of $45 to more than $500.
Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador also charge a user fee for transportation between hospitals.

2) Hospital Parking

- It can be expensive for patients who need regular treatment such as chemotherapy or dialysis.
Parking fees are a major revenue source for many hospitals, and the rates have been rising across the country.

3) Crutches, wheelchairs

- Crutches, casts,canes can cost you.
Wheelchairs, walkers and hearing aids are also not covered, though some provinces have programs to help offset the costs.

4) Paperwork

- Getting those from doctors are not covered: Medical files, prescription refills, insurance or disability forms, or medical notes for school or work.

5) Medically Unnecessary procedures

- Wart removal (which can cost you $50 or more) 
- Treatment of varicose veins
- Infant circumcision (which typically costs between $200 and $500). 
- In some provinces, an annual physical exam is not covered. 
- Cosmetic procedures- Vaccinations needed for travel.
Source:CBC website
The system of putting ambulance fee on patients' shoulders may sound weird to visitors whose home country offers free ambulance ride for sick people. Actually, the article on CBC website points out its downside; " A Marketplacesurvey found that 42 per cent of Canadians say they might delay calling an ambulance because of the cost." 
Even Canadians with GHIP hesitate. Visitors without GHIP may not be able to call for an ambulance; The price will be hundreds of dollars. 
No worries. Many insurance companies offer Visitors Plan with emergency transportation benefit.  Also essential medical appliances are often covered. Haven't applied yet? Call us and we can help you!

Questions about visitors insurance? Contact us