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Information for Tax Refund or Return in Canada

Every year during February to Match, it’s time to think about your tax refund in Canada. The tax year in Canada runs from 1 Jan – 31 Dec, and T4s or tax summary documents are issued from each of your employers in January and February the following year. You can file your Canadian tax return from 1 March and the tax deadline is the 30 April. Your tax refund for Canada should arrive within 8 weeks.

International working holiday visa-holders in Canada are not actually required by law to file a tax return in their first year, but it is recommended to do so to keep your tax affairs in order and in case you want to return to Canada to work.

You have a number of options when filing your tax return, some of which are listed here;
Paper filing: find out more from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA); Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) – Paper Filing
NETFILE; the CRA’s online filing system; Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) – Online Filing

Tax Refunds for Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

On the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) web site, there is a tax preparation software that is FREE of charge, no income limit, no registration required and no question asked.
The software can be downloaded at this site:
Note: it works only on a PC, sorry for the Mac users.

Tax Refund Agencies

Tax Refunds – Ireland
Anyone who has left Ireland between the years of 2009 and 2013 is very likely to be due a tax refund from the Irish tax authorities. In many cases the amount of refund due can be quite substantial. For a free estimate of the amount you are owed contact Vision Taxation Consultants at They can process your claim no matter where you are in the world. offer free estimates, free online accounts, a hassle-free process and refunds are lodged into any account worldwide. maximize refunds for international workers, and their average refund is $904 in Canada.  If you are from the Ireland or the UK, they can also help you file your taxes at home too. 

Don’t forget that you can claim travel and medical expenses, including medical insurance from private companies in Canada against your tax. Cheers.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Low-cost Canadian Super Visa Medical Insurance

The above video shows the requirements for getting Super Visa Medical Insurance for all visa applicants. (prepared by Manulife Financial)

Since the new launch of Canadian Super Visa (10 Yr Multiple Entry) in December 2, 2011, it is getting popular as it allows family members to remain in Canada for up to 24 months (2 years ) at a time.

The visa is conditional on a number of requirements, one of which is a proof of private medical insurance coverage, i.e. applicants have to provide satisfactory evidence of private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company, valid for a minimum period of one year from the date of entry which: Covers the applicants for health care, hospitalization and repatriation - Provides a minimum of $100,000 coverage - is valid for each entry to Canada and is available for review by the examining officer upon request. 

We are leading Canadian Insurance brokers which specialized in travel and medical insurance for Visitors to Canada over 10 years. Our Super Visa Medical Insurance is of low cost and broad coverage. Please contact us now at or Skype at biiscanada.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Irish job-seekers snap up yearly quota of Canadian Working Holiday Visas in just 2 days

Immigration Minister  Minister Jason Kenney appeared on The Late Late Show last October in Ireland. The appearance is credited with creating a spike in Irish visas to Canada.
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney appeared on TV Show last October in Ireland. The appearance is credited with creating a spike in Irish visas to Canada.

In one of the starkest examples yet of Canada’s allure for Irish job-seekers, last week the Canadian embassy in Dublin saw its yearly quota of 6,350 “working holiday” visas snapped up in only two and a half days.

“It’s staggering; we all knew that the demand was going to be very high this year, but I don’t think anybody anticipated this,” said Cathy Murphy, executive director of the Toronto-based Irish Canadian Immigration Centre.

She called the surge in demand a sign of the “desperation of young people to get out.”

Last year, by contrast, it took Canada’s Irish embassy five months to hand out only 5,350 visas.

The visas are offered as part of International Experience Canada (IEC), a program that was originally designed to appeal to under-35 backpackers looking to make their “working holiday dream a reality!”

Last year, by contrast, it took Canada’s Irish embassy five months to hand out only 5,350 visas.
Increasingly, however, the program has been swarmed by lawyers, engineers and architects looking to secure a chance at Canadian permanent residency.

“They’re not coming for a holiday, they’re coming for work,” said Ms. Murphy.

The demand is expected to be just as high next year, even with a record 10,000 visas on offer.
Of course, the 24-month visas are not a guarantee of citizenship.

“It gives them time, if they’re skilled, to get the necessary experience to apply for residency,” said Ms. Murphy.

If they are not skilled — and not in a province with severe labour shortages — they will be sent home when their visas expire.

“Canada just seemed like such a prosperous country. … We just figured it was now or never,” said Grainne Burns, who came to Toronto under the IEC program last August.

Although she says she is not making as much money as she did working at an Irish trade magazine, “we have a far better quality of life.”

“[In Ireland] you’re surrounded by all your friends who have been hit hard, so it is quite depressing over there at the moment … you’re just surrounded by negativity a lot,” she said.

Although Ireland spent much of the 2000s in an economic juggernaut that earned it the nickname the “Celtic Tiger,” the 2008 global economic collapse plunged it into a new age of austerity, plummeting real estate prices and pushing up the unemployment rate to 14.5%.

If they are not skilled — and not in a province with severe labour shortages — they will be sent home when their visas expire.

More than 100,000 Irish have left the country in the past two years, virtually an entire generation of Irish youth decamped.

“I am one of just two of my university friends still in Ireland,” graduate Bridget Fitzsimons wrote to the Irish Times last October. “It is hard to make an argument for Dublin when nobody lives here anymore.”

At the same time, Ireland has received a constant stream of visits from Canadian companies, a construction association and even a delegation led by Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, all looking to Ireland as a source of well-educated, English-speaking workers.

Last October, the country hosted Jason Kenney — the first time a Canadian Immigration Minister visited the Emerald Isle since the 1960s.

“It’s a fun and amazing country; you can go and spend six months on a ski hill … and then go to Montreal and learn French,” Mr. Kenney said on an appearance on the Late Late Show, Ireland’s signature TV talk show.

Members of the audience, meanwhile, told the show’s host about their imminent plans to immigrate to Canada despite strong ties to home.

“We’re leaving two grannies behind … but we don’t see any future for us and our children,” said one woman in wavering voice.

In Canada, new communities of Irish have cropped up in Vancouver and Toronto, where locals may have noticed that Irish pubs are increasingly featuring authentic Irish bartenders.

“It’s not just the Irish accent,” said Mike O’Connor, vice-president of Quinn’s Steakhouse and Irish Bar in Toronto. “We don’t see a lot of people coming over that don’t have some experience in the hospitality business.”

Increasingly, Irish are also settling around resource centres in Saskatchewan, Alberta and even Newfoundland, which is only a four-hour flight from the Irish coast.

However, Ireland’s latest wave of mass immigration has spawned bitterness in some quarters.

On Tuesday the news website wrote of the snapped-up Canadian visas as evidence of Ireland’s continuing “brain drain.”

And last month, the Facebook page Irish Abandoners caused a stir across Irish media with its call shaming emigrants for leaving the country “when she needed you most.”

“Take down your Tri Colours, you are not worthy of flying them and are not welcome back so stay where you are because the Irishness is better off without you,” read an introductory post.

Quoted from National Post, "Irish job-seekers snap up yearly quota of Canadian working holiday visas in just two days", Feb 12, 2013.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Travel/Medical Insurance for Visitors to Canada

There are rumors saying it is not compulsory for getting travel insurance for Canada as it could save some money. Others also comment that Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers would not check for visitors’ travel insurance when entering Canada. However, those misconceptions are tip of the iceberg.

Travel insurance for Canada is essential for anyone visiting Canada; no matter you are applying for working holidays visa or studying as an international student. The amount of travel/medicine insurance is a small price but it would cover you if you encounter flight changes, personal injury from skiing and snowboarding, and family illness or death. Travel insurance is compulsory for most working holiday programs and Canada customs may check to ensure you have adequate insurance cover during your stay period in Canada.

Perhaps, buying insurance is considered responsible for any accidents happen that could cost more than what you could afford to pay. Full reimbursements of medical expenses could be made if you have insurance coverage under certain conditions in the policy. Please note that if you are applying from Canada, provincial health insurance CANNOT be a substitute of travel insurance as it does not cover repatriation costs (i.e. costs incurred if you need to be flown home to receive emergency medical attention).

In order to be eligible for International Experience Canada programs, you are required to have insurance that covers the full duration of your work visa and insurance that will cover repatriation cost. Since provincial health care in Canada and medical cover from your employment typically do not cover these items, it is strongly suggested you need to get separate travel insurance.

Bridges International Insurance Services ( is specialized in travel/medical insurance for Visitors to Canada, in particular working holidays visa applicants. For any enquiries, please call 1-888-267-4461 or 1-604-408-8695. Our staff would be more than happy to assist you.

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