Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Other Examples of Recent Claims

You need visitors to Canada insurance even for a short period of time while visiting Canada. Be prepared, no regrets.

A 71 year-old visiting her grandson in Canada for a month, falls in a parking lot and fractures his hip. She requires immediate surgery and several days of acute rehab before being discharged. She paid $43.75 in premium.

Cost of her claim: $104,944.11 CDN

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Visitors to Canada Emergency Hospital & Medical Plans

As Canadians with free medical care, we sometimes forget that visitors to our county must pay all medical expenses out of their own pocket.

A stay in Canadian hospital isn’t cheap. Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary costs $2,110 a day for the intensive care unit. Toronto General Hospital charges $3,980 per day and McGill University Health Care Centre charges $4,386 a day.

With these kinds of prices, it makes sense that visitors obtain travel insurance. Visitors to Canada Emergency Hospital & Medical Plans come in two varieties – the Basic Plan and the Select Plan.

The Basic Plan contains a $50 deductible and includes coverage for Hospital Confinement and Medical Services, Ambulance Services, Return Home, Prescription Medication and more.

The Select Plan has no deductible and has additional coverage such as Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Transportation of Relative or Friend, Follow-up Visits and Attendant.

Both plans allow visitors the option of insuring themselves for different sums - $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or $150,000. One of the greatest benefits of Visitors to Canada insurance is that travelers automatically receive worldwide coverage as long as they spend most of their time in Canada.

Visitors certainly don’t expect to be paying for medical services while they’re here. But with Visitors to Canada travel insurance they’re better prepared, just in case.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

New Canadians or Visiors to Canada need coverage

Vancouver, B.C. –June 22, 2007 ~With the Canadian jobless rate at a 30~year low and three quarters of Canadian companies reporting difficulty attracting and retaining the right people, more and more employers are turning to immigrant seasonal labourers and foreign worker programs to help address labour shortages.

Employment inCanada has been on an upward trend since August 2006 with average monthly

gains of 42,000 jobs. Strong job growth inSaskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia drove much of these numbers.

Human Resources Development Canada ( lists carpenters, plumbers, electricians, managers, professors, teachers, forestry workers, mining workers, agricultural workers, pharmacists, nurses and therapists as just some of the professions indemand by Canadian employers.

Unfortunately many visitors to Canada don’t have insurance for sickness or injury. Foreignworkers may have to wait months before they’re eligible for the company medical plan. A large number of foreign workers aren’t accustomed to travel insurance and don’t understand the value of carrying insurance.

Magdi Riad, vice~president of claims and assistance for TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd., recommends that employers insure new hires. “Visitors or new Canadians need to feel secure knowing that they have appropriate coverage for unexpected medical expenses,”said Riad.

TIC offers Global Expatriate Hospital & Medical Insurance for non~Canadians residing outside of their country of origin while employed by a Canadian company. Workers can receive up to $1 million coverage for hospital and medical expenses, and other benefits including Physician, Return Home and Ambulance services.

As the pace of the economy quickens and Canadian employers increasingly rely on foreign workers, medical insurance for visitors to Canada becomes more important than ever.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Visitors to Canada Need Travel Insurance

Vancouver, B.C. –May 15 –We’re not the only ones who need insurance when we travel. Visitors to Canada also need coverage.

Rosie, a retired mother from the Philippines who wanted to spend time with her son in Alberta, did the smart thing when she booked her trip to Canada. She bought travel insurance.
Rosie purchased TIC’s Visitors to Canada travel insurance for the maximum period of coverage –one year. She opted for the $50,000 plan, which gave her coverage for hospital confinement, medical services, and other benefits like Ambulance Services, Return Home and Prescription Medication.

“We always recommend that visitors to Canada purchase travel insurance,”said Natalie Dupuis, vice~ president of product for TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators. She said the Visitors to Canada product comes withbotha Basic and Select Plan. “Visitors don’t have to pay a deductible with the Select plan, and they receive additional benefits.”
The first month went well for Rosie. She spent time withher son and quickly adjusted to life inCanada. Then one day she suddenly collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors determined that she had suffered from a stroke.
Rosie spent nine days inthe hospital (five inthe intensive care unit) and had to undergo acute rehabilitation before being released.

During that week and a half, TIC’s assistance team spoke daily to the doctors and nurses for medical updates. They kept Rosie’s family informed about her progress and worked withthe hospital’s finance office to arrange directbilling to TIC.“Our case managers assist the family during hospitalizations, help customers withdischarge requirements, and make arrangements for guarantee of payments and directbilling,”said Kelly Price, emergency assistance supervisor at TIC’s travel assistance department

The total cost of Rosie’s hospitalization was $37,000. Fortunately, she and her family didn’t have to pay any of these costs, even though visitors to Canada don’t receive coverage from provincial healthplans.
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